Adult and Family Ministry

Butch and Linda Moses, Co-Directors

The family is the fundamental unit of Church and society and the primary place of Christian development. “Family” includes: single, divorced, widowed, married, with or without children, young or elderly, two-parent families, single-parent families, step-families, families with special needs and families in the various life cycles of development. The Adult and Family Ministry Office strives to affirm, support, and strengthen all facets of family within the parish community by providing holistic services, programs and opportunities for enrichment, healing and spiritual renewal. 

“The well-being of the individual person in the human and Christian society is intimately linked with the healthy condition produced by marriage and family.”  Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes, para.12

Volunteers and professionals provide outreach in the following ministry areas:

Welcoming Committee - this committee welcomes new parishioners and sponsors coffee and donuts after Sunday morning masses.

 Marrieds Ministry - sponsors the Annual Candlelight Dinner in February, 
     and married couples gather monthly for dinner and fellowship. Please watch the bulletin
     for dates ...typically the second Saturday of the month.

Family Faith -  Strong Catholic Families Strong Catholic Youth provides a Resource Booklet that includes a  Family Faith Inventory (p. 8) and a Family Faith Development Plan (p.11).

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Family Sacramental Formation
     Holy Family of Nazareth prepares all students (those in Catholic schools and in the Religious Education program) for sacraments with their parents or guardians in family sessions. 

Women's Ministry
     Grace-Filled Women - a monthly gathering to enrich our life with prayer, study, fellowship. Our mission is to walk wit each other to inspire, encourage and affirm each other as daughters of God and sisters in faith. Like Martha and Mary, to find balance in our lives of work and worship.
      Mothers Group -   We affirm our role as mothers, discuss and reflect on motherhood in the light of Christ, pray together, as well as be there to support each other. Help us build a group that fits our needs as moms and Christian women...take our survey (at the bottom of the women's page).

Respect Life Committee - works in collaboration with other parishes, agencies, and the Diocese to promote the sacredness of all life.
Bereavement Ministry - 
     The Grief Support Group meets on the first Monday of most months to offer healing through support, prayer, understanding and education.  Provides resources for individuals, families and groups to process grief in a healthy and holistic manner.
     Assists families with funeral liturgy planning.
     Sponsors the annual Memorial Mass for the deceased on All Souls' Day, November 2. 
Separated and Divorced Ministry  - education and enrichment  programs to those who wish to experience growth and conversion while change is occurring in their lives.  
   Understanding Annulments, an of discussion, is offered annually in September.
Family Addictions Ministry - Provides educational programs, confidential referrals, and resources for persons who are struggling themselves with addiction or for family members affected by alcoholism and other addictions.  Confidentiality is paramount in this ministry.  Acts as liaison with social service and community agencies.

Prison Ministry - Brings hope and the Word of God to those in prison through Eucharistic Services and Bible Studies.

Second Wind - Senior Citizen's Ministry meets monthly for a potluck luncheon and fellowship and gathers periodically for other activities.  Contact Mitty Mohon, 972-258-8990;

Networking, Education, and Special Services - Referral and resources for families affected by loss of job, abuse, broken relationships, and other special needs.

Confidential Counseling Referrals

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